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Nursery Curriculum

In Nursery we use the following long term themes and concepts to guide our planning for children’s learning and development.  We adapt where necessary to ensure we are meeting the needs and interests of the children in our classes.  The guide below will give you an idea of the things the children will be taught during their time in Nursery.  We focus initially on the Prime areas set out in the Development Matters document then as the children are settled and ready we include links to all curriculum areas.  

nursery curriculum 2021 for website .pdf

Autumn 1 – All About Me

As part of this topic we will be thinking about the concepts of settling into Nursery, our families, our feelings, our bodies, our senses and our emotions. Throughout this half term our maths focus will be based around numbers of personal significance, looking at shapes, building with shapes and using some number names accurately in play.

We will be focussing on the following books as core texts to support this topic: “Maisy Goes To Nursery”, “Spot Goes To Nursery”, “The Golden Rules” books, “I Love You So Much”, “Handa’s Surprise” and “Handa’s Hen”.

This term we will be going on some exciting local trips to the Mile End Childrens' Centre, Soane Centre and some local shops.

Autumn 2 – Light and Dark

This half term our topic is “Light and Dark”.  As part of this topic we will be looking at key events and festivals celebrated including Halloween, Guy Fawkes, Diwali and Christmas.

We will be focussing on the following books as core texts to support this topic: “Meg and Mog”,”Room on the Broom”, “Wow said the Owl”, “Can’t you sleep Little Bear?”, “Peace at Last”, “Whatever Next” and “The Christmas Story”.

As part of our Autumn term we will be going on an Autumn walk in key groups. We will also be heading to Discover in Stratford to continue our exploration of “Light and Dark”.

As part of our Christmas celebrations we will be having a Nursery Christmas party.

Spring 1 – Toys

Our new topic this term is “Toys”.  We will be exploring old and new toys and sorting toys by their materials. Children will be asked to bring in their favourite toy to share with the class.

Our core texts for our “Toys” theme this term are: “That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown”, “Where’s My Truck?”, “Dogger”, “Kipper’s Toy Box”, “Toys Lost in Space” and “Lost in the Toy Museum”.

This term we will be heading to the V&A Museum of Childhood to explore toys some more!

Spring 2 - Transport

This term our topic will be “Transport”. Our core topic books include, “Duck in the Truck”, “Up, up, up”, “Magic Train Ride”, “Mr. Gumpy’s Outing” and “Wheels on the Bus”.

We will be learning about different types of transport including land, sea and air travel.  We will be thinking about how we travel to different places, different ways of moving our bodies and how different types of transport are powered. Through this topic we will be introducing children to the concepts of speed, distance, mapping and measurement.

We will be reading a selection of fiction and non-fiction books to support learning.  To enhance our transport topic we will be heading to the Transport museum later on this term.

We also have a lot of exciting festivals and events to celebrate. We will be celebrating Chinese New Year, World Book Day, Mother’s Day, Sports Relief Week, Grandparent’s Day and Easter.

Summer 1 - Animals

Welcome to Summer Term 1! Our topic in Nursery for this half term is “Animals”.

The main theme for our topic this half term is animals but we will also be exploring the concepts of growth and change. Our plans for this topic include looking at a range of animals including farm animals, jungle animals, animals you may find at the zoo and which animals can make good pets.

We will be using the topic to introduce mathematical concepts such as grouping, using shapes appropriately for tasks and number problems. We will also be planting and caring for a range of vegetable seeds in the Secret Garden and watching them develop and grow over time. 

The core texts include the following: “Dear Zoo”, “The Tiger Who Came to Tea”, “Elmer”, “Farmer Duck” and “What the Lady Bird Heard”.

This term will be heading to Mudchute Farm to support the learning for our topic “Animals”. 

Summer 2 – Fantasy

In our final term of Nursery we will be exploring the topic of “Fantasy”. Our core topic books include: “Not Now Bernard”, “Aliens Love Underpants”, “Super Daisy” and the Princess series.

As part of our topic work, we plan to explore the main features of a story—characters, setting and sequence of events.  We will be encouraging children to use “wow” words when describing aspects of a story.

We will be making character webs of the characters in our stories and encouraging the children to retell stories and make up their own versions.  We will be learning about rhyming words and creating rhyming strings in addition to work around alliteration. 

In maths we plan to consolidate work on shapes by encouraging children to talk about shapes of everyday objects, introducing them to a variety of problem-solving questions and engaging children in a vast amount of activities that involve counting not only objects but anything!

Stay tuned for our exciting end of the school year trip.