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How to download your child's journal

Reception Curriculum 

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In Reception our learning is inspired by children’s interests. We meet the children at their point of need by tailoring the learning around them. 

Reception children have the wonderful opportunity to explore and value the natural world throughout our weekly Forest school sessions. Here are a sample of the highlights of our Reception year!...

Autumn 1 - Me, Myself & I

We start off our fantastic year exploring our own lives, families, interests and experiences.


We learn about celebrations; how old we are and become master bakers!


October is Black History Month so we may go on an exciting elephant safari!


We perform for our parents, inspired by African music and stories.



We warmly welcome our families to our Stay and Play sessions to explore the Reception learning environment.

Autumn 2 - Materials through traditional tales

We begin our wonderful journey exploring the world of Traditional Tales.


Children will experience a live performance of a familiar story acted out by a professional drama company.


Parents will have the opportunity to watch their child take part in the annual Christmas performance.  Through local walks we will observe seasonal changes

Spring 1 - Animals

We start the new year thinking about our own new year resolutions.  What do we want to get better at this year?

‘Safari Pete’ may join us for a day where we watch him handle live animals. You may have the opportunity to stroke a crocodile. Are you brave enough?

What moves through the night? Learn about day and night and nocturnal animals.

Why and how is ‘Chinese New Year’ celebrated? Learn about the Zodiac story and try some mouth-watering Chinese food using chopsticks!


Listen to stories from Eric Carle, looking closely at the illustrations and create your own Eric Carle inspired artwork using mixed media materials.

Spring 2 - Out and About

Let’s go ‘out and about’. Explore mapping, journeys and different environments around the world using technology. 

Children may travel to the Museum of London Docklands, enjoy the views and take part in an exciting ‘I live in London’ workshop.

Who helps us in our local environment? Find out, meet some people who help and find out more by asking questions.

Dress up as your favourite book character and use your creative imagination to become an author as we celebrate ‘World Book Day’. Parents invited!

Learn about positional language as you use a range of equipment to improve your spatial awareness. Can you balance, go under, in between, over and more?

Learn about the festival of ‘Easter’ how it is celebrated and join us for an exciting Easter Egg Hunt. 

Summer 1 - Growth and Change

How do we grow and change? Look at your friend’s baby photo and play ‘guess the baby’. Use your phonetic knowledge to write sentences about how you’ve changed from when you were a baby.

Observe the exciting transformation from caterpillars to butterflies as you learn about the life cycle of butterfly. Come together as a year group on a sunny day to release the butterflies.

Learn about money through play as you explore different coins and learn about their value.

Look closely at a range of seeds, plant in the wonderful outdoors and work together as a team to hold a ‘plant sale’ for parents.

Go on a local spring walk and a minibeast hunt. What will you discover?

Learn about the importance of a healthy diet and how to keep strong and fit! Who checks our teeth and eye-sight? Learn about the role of dentists, doctors and opticians!

Use your phonetic knowledge to write a poem, letters, instructions and posters!

Summer 2 - Water!

Learn all about water in the world! Where can we find water, what are its uses and how can we save water?

We discuss the importance of water in our lives and what would happen without it.

Discover what lives underwater and learn about exotic sea creatures. Create a fact sheet about your favourite one!

Explore the concepts of capacity, floating and sinking through outdoor play.

Solve simple problems that involve doubling, halving and sharing using lots of resources such as teddies, raisins, spoons, stickers and more!

We end our brilliant year by an exciting ‘end of year trip’ for the children. We also hold a ‘Special Book Celebration’ with our parents to mark the end of the children’s Reception learning journey, celebrate their achievements and look back on the wonderful memories we have created along the way!

Onwards and upwards! Our circle time sessions will help to prepare our children for their transition to Year 1.

We also come together with the whole school community for our annual Sports Day.