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At Bonner, we adopt a rigorous approach to teaching reading in all key stages. In Key Stages One and Two, reading is taught as a discrete lesson, which is supplementary to a daily literacy lesson.

  • Early reading is taught daily in Reception and Year One through the fully synthetic Read Write Inc phonics programme.
  • In Years Two and Three, children continue to practise their word-reading and comprehension skills through a daily guided reading lesson, which is taught carousel-style in small groups.
  • In Years Four, Five and Six, guided reading is taught in whole-class groups four/five times a week.

* Where children require further phonics support after Year One, this is provided alongside guided reading lessons.

With all early readers, we use PM Benchmarking to monitor progress in reading and to closely match their reading material to their phonics knowledge. Please note that a range of formative and summative assessment methods are used to assess the progress and attainment of more fluent readers.

Beyond the daily literacy lesson and additional guided reading sessions, learners enjoy opportunities to read across the wider curriculum. Our use of cross-curricular topics ensures that children read widely and often. As well as this, children at Bonner benefit from a wide range of reading activities including regular visits to our beautiful school library; drama and performance workshops; author visits; book fairs; and the creation of wonderful displays and artwork linked to their learning in literacy and reading lessons.