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Confidence, respect and a love of learning


All children at Bonner receive a high quality music education which engages and inspires them to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians. Music increases their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement and provides an opportunity to develop their skills in cooperation, communication, perseverance and patience.

Musical Instruments

EYFS / Key Stage 1

In the early years, children learn to use their voices expressively and play tuned and untuned instruments musically. They listen to and respond to a range of music and experiment with sounds, notation and techniques. As children progress through KS1, they build upon their musical skills and develop their techniques in drumming and percussion instruments. Children take part in performances which incorporate singing, dancing and playing instruments.

Key Stage 2

Children learn to play the keyboards and electronic drum kits and explore different aspects of musical theory in greater depth. They learn how to improvise, compose and perform in a range of musical genres such as The Blues, Reggae, Rock and Pop.

Children learn how to play in bands, working together to produce fantastic performances which demonstrate their talents.

At the end of KS2, children take part in a musical production, such as Bugsy Malone, Matilda, School of Rock and Wizard of Oz.

Additional Music Teaching

We have specialist guitar and woodwind teachers as well as weekly choir practices and opportunities to join bands.




Curriculum overview

music curriculum overview.pdf

Year 1

Autumn term - Lets all play our drum!

y1 autumn 1 let s all play our drum .pdf

Autumn term 2 - Musical sounds

y1 autumn 2 musical sounds.pdf

Spring term - I've got rhythm!

y1 spring i ve got rhythm .pdf

Summer term - Feel the beat

y1 summer feel the beat.pdf

Year 2 

Autumn term - Countries of Africa

y2 autumn 1 countries of africa.pdf

Autumn term 2 - Musical storytelling

y2 autumn 2 musical storytelling.pdf

Spring term - Melody makers

y2 spring melody makers.pdf

Summer term - Getting to know your keyboard

y2 summer getting to know your keyboard.pdf

Year 3

Autumn term - Samba Reggae

y3 autumn 1 samba reggae.pdf

Autumn term 2 - Keyboard skills

y3 autumn 2 keyboard skills.pdf

Spring term - The Blues

y3 spring the blues.pdf

Summer term - Connect it

y3 summer connect it.pdf

Year 4

Autumn term - Music from the movies

y4 autumn 1 music from the movies.pdf

Autumn term 2 - Chords

y4 autumn 2 chords.pdf

Spring term - Reggae

y4 spring reggae.pdf

Summer term - Juba dance

y4 summer juba dance.pdf

Year 5

Autumn term - Elements of music

y5 autumn 1 elements of music.pdf

Autumn term 2 - Indian Music - Raga, Tala and Drone

y5 autumn 2 indian music raga tala and drone.pdf

Spring term - Pop music

y5 spring pop music.pdf

Summer term - Theme and variation

y5 summer theme and variations.pdf

Year 6 

Autumn term - Hooks and riffs

y6 autumn 1 hooks and riffs.pdf

Autumn term 2 - Minimalism

y6 autumn 2 minimalism.pdf

Spring term - Rock music

y6 spring rock music.pdf

Summer term - Keyboard medley

y6 summer keyboard medley.pdf