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Secondary School Transfer

Starting Secondary school in September 2024

If you live in Tower Hamlets and your child is in Year 6 (born between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013) you will need to make an online application via eadmissions portal for them to transfer to secondary school in September 2024.

The closing date for making applications is 31 October 2023 



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Banding is used at secondary transfer to help to ensure that secondary schools maintain a balanced admission intake. This should reflect the full range of abilities of all children in the local authority.

Pupil assessment from each Primary school in the summer term of Year 5 is used to place every pupil in one of four quartiles. For administrative purposes, the quartiles are Band A, B, C or D.

In the case of oversubscription, secondary schools will take equal amount of pupils from each quartile. This will ensure children from all abilities have equality of access.

For pupils who apply from primary schools outside of Tower Hamlets, teacher assessment will also be used to determine which in quartile they will be placed.

All the borough’s community schools use banding. Please refer to the Pupil Ability Banding FAQ leaflet for more details.

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