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Art & Design Technology


The teaching of art at Bonner allows every child the opportunity for positive, creative expression. A much-loved subject, our varied curriculum offers time and space for our children to employ a range of artistic techniques to create high-quality artworks. 

We are ambitious for the children, giving every child the opportunity to become better at drawing, painting, sculpture and other techniques, regardless of how ‘good at art’ they may see themselves! 

The historical context of art is vital too, and we aim to develop children’s understanding of the great artists and makers whose contributions inform our understanding of the work we produce.African MasksThis year, some new and exciting art units have been introduced, as part of a huge whole-school curriculum project. Our art curriculum is currently in transition and more projects and website materials will be added, so watch this space!

Design and Technology

The intent of our Design and Technology curriculum at Bonner is to give children the opportunity to create solutions for a range of real-world needs. By first critically reviewing existing products, children are guided on their design journey to consider the functionality and properties required by a specific user. 

We aim to encourage independence and self-confidence as children test and analyse materials and techniques that will inform the design of their own unique product.

The process of making is challenging yet rewarding. As they progress through the school, the children use an increasingly sophisticated range of joining and finishing techniques, mechanisms and food preparation skills.

Opportunity to evaluate finished products against design criteria is a fundamental stage of each project, with peer-feedback and product testing given emphasis within all year groups.

 his year, across all year groups, challenging and exciting new DT projects are being introduced. We are very excited to use pneumatic systems to create ‘moving monsters’ in Year 3, become engineers building bridges in Year 5 and explore sliding mechanisms in Year 1 – to name just a few examples!

Don’t forget – London is home to world-class museums and galleries, many of which are free to visit and offer special family activities:

Whitechapel Gallery: https://www.whitechapelgallery.org/

Tate Modern, Tate Britain: https://www.tate.org.uk/visit/tate-modern

National Gallery: https://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/

British Museum: https://www.britishmuseum.org/

Curriculum Overview

bonner art dt projects overview 21 22.pdf

Year 1

Autumn term - Playground

k o playground.pdf

Autumn term overview

term overview playground.pdf

Spring term - Fruits and Vegetables

k o fruits and vegetables.pdf

Spring term overview

term overview fruits and vegetables.pdf

Summer term - Moving Pictures

k o moving pictures.pdf

Summer term overview

term overview moving pictures.pdf

Year 2

Autumn term - Moving vehicles

k o moving vehicles.pdf

Autumn term overview

term overview moving vehicle.pdf

Spring term - Puppets

k o puppets.pdf

Spring term overview

term overview puppets.pdf

Summer term - Food prep skill up

k o food prep skill up.pdf

Summer term overview

term overview food prep skill up.pdf

Year 3

Autumn term - Moving monsters

k o moving monsters.pdf

Autumn term overview

term overview moving monsters.pdf

Spring term - Healthy sandwich

k o healthy sandwich.pdf

Spring term overview

term overview healthy sandwich.pdf

Summer term - 3D Packaging

k o 3d packaging.pdf

Summer term overview

term overview 3d packaging.pdf

Year 4

Autumn term - Pop-up storybooks

k o pop up storybooks.pdf

Autumn term overview

term overview pop up storybooks.pdf

Spring term 1 - Torches

k o torches.pdf

Spring term 1 overview

term overview torches.pdf

Spring term 2 - Viewpoints

k o viewpoints.pdf

Spring term 2 overview

term overview viewpoints.pdf

Summer term - Money Containers

k o money containers.pdf

Summer term overview

term overview money containers.pdf

Year 5

Autumn term - Building bridges

k o building bridges.pdf

Autumn term overview

term overview building bridges.pdf

Spring term - Viking art

k o viking art.pdf

Spring term overview

term overview viking art.pdf

Spring term 2 - Bread

k o bread.pdf

Spring term 2 overview

term overview bread.pdf

Summer term -


Summer term overview


Year 6

Autumn term - Art illusions

k o art illusions.pdf

Autumn term overview

term overview art illusions.pdf

Spring term - Shelters

k o shelters.pdf

Spring term overview

term overview shelters.pdf

Summer term - Mountains and volcanos

k o mountains.pdf

Summer term overview

term overview mountain or volcano.pdf