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We are following a different curriculum plan this Autumn as we prioritise keeping everyone safe,  re-establishing routines and relationships, staying healthy and revisiting learning the children did at home during lockdown.

Our Enrichment programme takes place throughout Key Stage 2 from the second half of the Autumn Term.  Every half term teachers in year groups 3 to 6 will offer a 6 week course in a chosen subject.  Children will then choose a course and sign up for it and there is vertical grouping across 3/4 and 5/6.  Every Tuesday afternoon for one hour, children participate in their chosen Enrichment programme.


The theme of Enrichment is focussed on developing the life skills of children at Bonner and preparing them for future interactions with the world from local to international level.  We want them to leave not just with good academic skills but to be well-rounded individuals with a concern for the world and the people they encounter.


Below is  an overview of Enrichment focuses for 2019/2020:

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Mixed Topics in class - See list below About the Community (1) About Me (1)
About Me (2) About the World (1) About the World (2)

Mixed Topics:

These include; class charters/routines, E-Safety, Anti-bullying, classroom dynamics, our curriculum and well-being.

About Me:

This focuses on developing the individual skills/well-being of the children.  This could be through any subject area but also involve “real world” skills e.g. interview techniques, manners, debating etc.  Examples of the other kind of subjects that would fit in here are: yoga classes and other sports, meditation, healthy eating etc.

About the Community:

This will focus on the school building and grounds but also the local area, and extends to include greater London.  This includes areas like gardening, litter picking, local history & geography but also local charities, politics etc.

About the World:

This would, obviously, encourage a wider focus, including learning about other languages, cultures, traditions, foods, history, geography etc.

Click Here for Bonner Bethnal Green's Enrichment overview for Spring 1 2020

Click Here for Bonner Mile End's Enrichment overview for Spring 1 2020.


We want to place the learner and their personal growth at the centre of the enrichment curriculum.  The child will have personal connections with the content due to having genuine freedom of expression and choice.  We want to produce children who can think for themselves, are resilient and face challenges with strategies to overcome and progress.  The children will care for themselves and others and for the world around them.

By the time children leave Bonner our Enrichment programme will have helped make them more secure, happy and well-rounded individuals and have prepared them for their continued journey through life.

Confidence, respect and a love of learning.